“Taking Clean and Sober to wealth and happiness”

live a passion-driven purposeful life beyond sobriety

with Greg Boudle

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with Greg Boudle


Let’s amp up your potential!

Your past is much more than a long list of mistakes. It’s your tool bag for crafting that amazing life you’ve dreamed about. I’m here to team up with you and see you reach those dreams.

Life Beyond Clean understands that as a recovering addict, you want more than simply being sober – you crave a life filled with joy, prosperity, and value. I am dedicated to supporting incredible people like you, as you move from addiction, to recovery, to a life you cultivate and claim as your very own. This is not your average coaching experience – I see beyond the labels to your true self, and I bring my best tools to help you transform your tomorrow.


Let’s Dive In!

You are the creator and designer of your life. Together we’ll destroy those obstacles in your path and make room for that dynamic life of passion you were born to live. Together, we create milestones in our sessions that motivate you to live life as you once imagined. Nothing pumps me up more than entering into a coaching relationship with someone who wants to take their life to the next level. In our work, you embrace how capable you are of designing life EXACTLY the way you envision it. And before you know it, you’ll achieve your personal goals and feel successful once again.


Book my workshop and be prepared for amazing transformations. Full of music, group interaction, and activities, I motivate the audience with honesty, challenges, and actual strategies to use immediately. I speak from the heart and the energy is infectious – inspiring the audience to take bold steps in their Life Beyond Clean. Designed specifically for your audience, my workshop provides insights and transformations. Infused with energy – music, group interaction, and activities, I inspire the audience to take bold steps in their Life Beyond Clean. Click here to learn more and let me create your custom workshop today!


You Are Not Alone

One of the most important lessons I learned in recovery is that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed the consistent encouragement, positivity, and motivation from an intentional community of trusted peers. The same is true as you step into a life beyond recovery. That’s why I’m dedicated to fostering this uplifting community for people who are ready to transform their tomorrows. If you could benefit from daily inspiration and a group of proactive individuals – then you’re invited to join our private Facebook community.

Life Beyond Clean Private Facebook Group

If you’re ready for deep connection and daily motivation, click here to request access to our Private Facebook Group. Upon being accepted, please check out the guidelines for members so we can keep things groovin’ and growin’ for all participants. See you there!