What Is A Recovery Life Coach?

As a recovery life coach, I’m often confused with many other professionals in the recovery industry who have very important and very different roles than me.
I’m not a therapist, counselor, sponsor, sober companion, or guru. I do the same thing as coaches do in any other industry.

I help you achieve results fast by taking action.

My role is to be a co-creative partner with my clients and help them access their own wisdom, clarity, and drive and then serve as an accountability partner while they are building momentum through healthy, positive action.
The clients I serve are usually at one of three stages in their life:

1. You just finished a rehab program. Recovery is momentum driven just like addiction. Momentum doesn’t happen from osmosis; it requires movement. In most cases it takes much longer than 30, 60, or 90 days to build enough momentum to sustain a life of recovery. Once a person leaves rehab, they’re often faced with an overwhelming amount of things to clean up in their lives.
Without proper support there is a HUGE risk for relapse.
My job is to coach them through that process and help them discover their own inner strength as quickly and efficiently as possible. The skillset of a good coach is the same whether you’re an athlete, entertainer, CEO, or an addict. It’s to bring out the best in the client so they can stand in their own power.
As a man who spent decades in active addiction and decades in recovery, I know the obstacles you will encounter and how to support you through them.
The rinse and repeat process of multiple rehabs is both expensive and ineffective. I offer a more long term and cost effective approach.


2. You’re uncertain whether you need recovery. You don’t need to be told what to do. Most people who struggle with addiction have admirable qualities like defiance and resiliency. You are a non-conformist, by nature just like some of the greatest people in history. My job isn’t to tell you whether or not you have a problem but to help you answer that question for yourself. In my experience, no one can sustain momentum in any endeavor unless they’re motivated by their own personal desires. I help facilitate you finding your own “WHY.”


3. You feel stuck in recovery after long term sobriety. This one is near and dear to my heart because it’s the place that led me to finding my own life purpose. It’s important to realize that recovery is a path to your destiny and NOT the final destination. I help you discover your passions and purpose that extend beyond the recovery rooms and then create a plan for you to fulfill them.

Discovering mine  led me to leaving a 7 figure business and all my material possessions behind so that I could set out to fulfill my own destiny…AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!


That’s what I love doing for people like you!
If you’re feeling stuck today and you identify with one of these 3 stages in your life, I invite you to get on the phone with me for a free consult.
If we’re a fit, I’d be honored to serve you as a coach. If not, I’d be honored to provide you with other options.
Rock On!