My Online Valentine by Greg

With a heart shaped emoji and a quote that I stole
I give you every bit of my virtual soul
You need never doubt when I say “I love you”
For we both know everything on face book is true
I knew that your heart was meant just for me
When I became your friend number 4000 and 3
For I know it is I who you love the most
When you click on the heart sign to all of my posts
The selfie you sent told me you feel it too
And I’m 10% certain it was actually you
When you first asked for money I wasn’t quite sure
But you’ve remained faithful as I’ve sent you more
No need to worry about the thousands I’ve sent
Your mom’s operation is money well spent
Fear not my love for I’ll soon get a life
Then I’ll rise from mom’s basement and make you my wife
Until then dear valentine we’ll keep what we feel
For our love is virtual which means almost real