About Life Beyond Clean


What is Life Beyond Clean?

Life Beyond Clean provides actionable and purposeful support to recovering addicts like you so you can create a passion-driven life beyond sobriety. Through trainings and coaching, I empower you to redefine yourself and embrace your unique gifts to this world.

Life Beyond Clean strategically empowers recovering addicts from all over the world to reclaim their lives and step into their purpose with confidence and joy. My clients are held accountable to the truth that their lives are filled with possibility, and they are not shackled by their past. This motivation energizes them to look beyond recovery, and create lives full of passion and meaning. In doing this, Life Beyond Clean radically alters our culture’s perception of the addict, all the while fostering positive, proactive growth…


Life Beyond Clean is a world recognized movement that effectively inspires people like us beyond simple recovery, into radical growth, as we embrace our strengths and discover our unique talents that serve the greater world.


Founder & CEO, Greg Boudle



I’ve been labelled by others my entire life. At the age of 12 it was “class clown”. I’ve been called a jock, geek, rock star, and ladies man. And these labels don’t even scratch the surface of what some of those closest to me have called me. From the time I was 12, I was drinking and drugging – and as you know – it brought me to my knees. To my lowest low. From businessman to thief. From sitting in an office to sitting in a cell.

Then in 2012, I took on a new label: Recovering Addict. I got clean with the 12 steps….and then I had to conquer one of the hardest tasks.

What comes next?!?

At every meeting I went to, in every article I read, every mentor I reached out to – there were no spotlights on how to create my most amazing life. The possibility that I, and all the recovering addicts, would once again be rock stars – confident, happy, successful – wasn’t even whispered. Instead it felt like we were doomed to this label, this history. It was time to step out of the church basements and into the 5 star convention centers; move beyond just clean and sober into CLEAN AND SUPER.

I’m here to shout it from every stage I stand on, in every coaching call I have – you are not someone else’s labels. Your whole life is still in front of you, regardless of your age. That is why I created Live Beyond Clean: Transforming Your Tomorrow.