About Life Beyond Clean


What is Life Beyond Clean?

Life Beyond Clean began as a vision I created through my own 30 year journey with addiction and recovery. After many years of being stuck in the revolving door of recovery and relapse I discovered what was missing in my life…Purpose.
I realized that I didn’t come here to just fuck my life up with addictions so I could work my ass off to get clean and then call it good. I came here for a reason and I was hell bent on finding what that was.
Once I discovered my own purpose as a man the desire to self medicate disappeared and the revolving door was slammed shut.
Life Beyond Clean is the next leg of the journey for the recovering man. The leg where all the bullshit in your life finally begins to make sense and you realize it was all part of an amazing destiny only you can fulfill.
As a trained men’s recovery life coach and someone who has been where you are, I am honored to offer my support so that you too can discover what it really means to “get high”.
Rock On!





As a man among men I help you get back the infinite power you were born with by replacing the desire to self medicate with a clear vision of your unique life purpose on this earth.


Founder & CEO, Greg Boudle



As far back as I can remember I lived my life according to how others defined me. I’ve been everything from a baby genius to a hopeless addict. If there’s one thing I discovered, it’s that playing a role in someone else’s story is hard work.

In the 90’s I took on a new role called, “The Recovering Addict.” It was the hardest role I ever played and it saved my life. It also taught me who I really was beyond the outside labels…A Man of Purpose. It was time to let go of the very label that saved my life and step into the destiny I was put on this earth for. It was time to move from recovery to discovery and I was scared shitless.

What comes next?!?

At every meeting I went to, in every article I read, every mentor I reached out to – there were no spotlights on how to create my most amazing life. The possibility that I, and all the recovering addicts, would once again be rock stars – confident, happy, successful – wasn’t even whispered. Instead it felt like we were doomed to this label, this history. It was time to step out of the church basements and into the 5 star convention centers; move beyond just clean and sober into CLEAN AND SUPER.

I’m here to shout it from every stage I stand on, in every coaching call I have – you are not someone else’s labels. Your whole life is still in front of you, regardless of your age. That is why I created Live Beyond Clean: Transforming Your Tomorrow.