Another Christmas Story

As I sit here, 3 days removed from Christmas, I reflect on another Christmas season. A few weeks a year when we all give ourselves permission to return to that childlike state. That state where we’re able to take pause from our hectic lives we’ve created for ourselves as adults and just enjoy certain beauties. All of our senses get stimulated in a way that only comes once a year. Our eyes see the beauty of the colorful lights and all the decorations. Our ears soak in the beautiful sounds of bells and singing of carols. The smells of cinnamon and pine as we put up the tree in our house. The taste of all those homemade goodies that my wife and mom bake because there’s nothing they enjoy more than seeing our faces as we bite into them. Finally that feeling of love that warms our hearts as we give to others. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay in touch with our true spiritual being all the time? People paying it forward everywhere. Money doesn’t seem to matter. “we’ll deal with it after Christmas” seems to be the general consensus as we pick up strangers restaurant tabs, drop money in the salvation army bucket, and even throw a few bucks to the homeless guy. Of course, nothing really changes outside. The world is still full of people who exploit our generosity and vulnerability. There are still people who don’t celebrate this Christian tradition and continue with their daily lives. However, for those of us who do, the world, as we understand it, seems to stop for just a few days. Time has no meaning, money has no meaning, it’s just about giving and receiving love. Has anything really changed? Has the world really paused for a brief time? Or is it possible that our understanding of the world is just so polluted with crap that doesn’t really matter and once a year we have an excuse to let go of it? How does it feel to let go? How does it feel to just forget about that job you hate or that mortgage payment and just focus on giving and loving? “Sure Greg, it feels good but that’s not reality”. WHY ISN”T IT REALITY? Who created your reality? Did you learn about the meaning of life from someone who’s happy? Or, like me, did you learn that life is a struggle? Does it make sense that we’re born, we get to dream and play for a few years, then the rest is supposed to suck? I doubt it. I don’t think anyone really believes that unless we disregard our own instincts and buy into a story created by someone else? None of this is new information. We watch the Christmas shows every year which remind of us of our true nature. We call it “The Christmas Spirit”. I’d argue that it’s our true spirit that we let out of prison once a year to be free. What would happen if we never returned to that prison? What if we just said good-bye to that job we hate or just lost interest in accumulating “stuff” and instead, just focused on giving to others? How would that feel? Does that go against your true nature or just something you’ve been taught to be true? At what point in your life did you decide to go against what made sense to you and follow someone else’s advice? Were they even qualified to lead you? Was their life so awesome that you wanted to be just like them? If you thought so then, do you still believe it today?
This year I’m going to do an experiment. I’m going to challenge myself to live the Christmas spirit for as long as I can. When I go to bed at night I’m going to act as if it’s December 24th and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow. I’m going to pay attention to all the beautiful sights, sounds, smells, etc. I’m going to trust in the law of reciprocity and let the spirit of giving guide my decisions.
Love and Gratitude.