No Wasted Days in 2015

So here we are. The final day of 2015. As I reflect on this past year with gratitude, I’m taking a little inventory on what I’ve accomplished this year. Being my own harshest critic, my tendency is to be disappointed in all the things I could have done. But I’m not going there this year. There are no such things as wasted days. Every day I did exactly what I was destined to do in order to fulfill my purpose in this life. By doing a simple shift in my mindset, I realize that every struggle was a pathway to happiness and every bit of pain and sorrow just served to expand my capacity to feel joy and gratitude. I haven’t reviewed my journal yet but before the end of today I’ll look over my entries for all 365 days. It’s a great way to look at my growth. As I sit here in this moment nothing really jumps out at me as an AHA moment but I know I had many. I travelled to all 48 lower states this year in a desperate attempt to find myself and in doing so I lost myself and found God. I learned how to surrender even the most difficult occurrences in my life and gained the freedom to grow. I came to understand my years of addiction as some of the most valuable and productive years of my life. My greatest accomplishments have always come immediately after my greatest pain and this has taught me that MY GREATEST STRUGGLES IN LIFE ARE THE VERY THINGS I WAS BORN TO TEACH. This has given me so much clarity and focus. I would challenge everyone out there who is struggling to find purpose and meaning in his or her life to ask yourself that question, “What have been my greatest struggles?” Even if you haven’t completely overcome them yet. I certainly haven’t overcome mine but I’ve made a ton of progress which I can use to help others who come after me. I spent way too long keeping all my value a secret, thinking I had to be the “expert” before I could deliver. There’s only one perfect expert who leads us. The rest of us here are following the path of those who went before us and blazing an even clearer path for those who follow. I learned this year that giving and receiving are the same thing as I experience the gifts of love I receive from giving it. I wish I would have learned this a long time ago. I could have saved myself a lot of pain from being a selfish bastard but I know it was all part of the plan. I learned that we all have infinite intelligence inside of us and the way we help each other find it is to shut up and listen to each other with the curiosity and love of a child.  I learned that all the knowledge and good intentions in the world don’t mean squat without ACTION.  Some wise person said that “mistakes come from lack of experience and experience comes from making mistakes” so when in doubt “SCREW IT, DO IT!”

I think the greatest lesson for me in 2015 was that change can happen in an instant.  I don’t buy into the concept that it took someone 20 years of hard work and struggle to become an overnight success. I spent 30+ years doing that but it was a single decision in a single moment that transformed my life to AWESOME.

It’s with the greatest love and gratitude that I say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. DON”T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE TO BE AMAZING!