W.O.R.K is a 4 Letter Word

As part of my unlearning process I’ve decided to redefine some of the words that I use. Some of them need to be removed from my vocabulary altogether because they don’t serve me in any way. Words like “should”. “Should” is a word that I only use when I’m judging myself or others and I’m not qualified to be a judge. I’ll leave that to God, the universe, or whatever word you use for a higher power. Tony Robbins made a point at an event I attended. He said that people “should” all over themselves and it’s true. I don’t remember anything positive coming out of a statement where I said I should be doing something. What I really was saying was I’m “less than” because I’m not doing it. Less than what? Less than some random expectation I dreamed up in my mind? Give me a break. It’s all a bunch of crap that continues to linger in my system from some poison kool-aid that was given to me a long time ago. It’s time to cleanse.

Today I’ve recognized another word that doesn’t sit right with me…”WORK”. Who invented this word? Maybe at some point it had a different meaning and, like so many other words, it got lost in translation . Regardless, I have no use for it when describing what I do. I looked it up in the dictionary and it said, an exertion of force to accomplish a certain task; labor, toil. EWW! That doesn’t sound fun at all. That may be the intellectual definition but it sure as hell doesn’t come close to describing what I’ve learned it to mean. My understanding of it is something that sucks. Something that I need to do because I’m a grown up now and it’s time to stop playing and having fun all the time. It’s time to stop dreaming and go make a living. Now, I know that’s not everyone’s interpretation but that’s what I heard. So, rather than trying to go back and redefine it, I’m just chucking that one in the crapper. At least when it comes to describing any activity that I do. I may use it in another context like when describing a belief or something. Like “that works for me”.

I’m replacing it with a different word as of right now… PLAY. Now that really resonates with me. It sounds fun and makes me happy. Of course I’ll have to practice at redefining that word in my own mind because I learned it to mean irresponsible or something that’s reserved for short breaks only after I’ve busted my ass at “work” all week. Whoever came up with that idea was not the one doing it, I’ll guarantee that.

The next time someone asks me what I do for work I’m going to tell them that I don’t do work. I do play. I play and have fun while helping others learn to do the same.  I’m a professional at having fun. It’s not just for athletes and musicians. It’s a God given right for all of us. Sometimes just changing the language can make all the difference. Sometimes, just calling what we do “playing” can make it more fun and enjoyable.  If you find that too difficult to do just tell yourself, “I know  I SHOULD be working but, screw it, I’m going to play today.