I remember when I first started out on this awesome journey and people would ask me what I wanted in life. I’d say things like I just want to be happy or I want to have the freedom to live my dreams or I want to be financially independent.

These are all great dreams to have but what does that mean? There are about as many different ways to be happy as there are people on this planet. At one time just being free from my addictions was all I needed to be happy for the rest of my life… or so I thought. Today I am free from addiction and I’m very happy but not just because of that but because I continue to set new milestones and keep growing every day.

In order to have happiness, freedom, and security I needed to define what that meant, SPECIFICALLY! Without that it’s just another pipe dream.

When I would dream of my ideal life, I didn’t just see a picture of myself walking around smiling all day. There were specific things I was doing or specific places I was; a certain feeling I had inside of me that brought that joy. Unfortunately, most of the time I would wake up, go on with my mundane life and forget all about those details.

Until I’d had enough pain. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired like we say in the 12 step rooms. It was time to really sit down and decide how I wanted to spend my short time gifted to me on this planet.

The problem was in the details. Have you ever had an amazing dream and then when you woke up you couldn’t recall the details to save your life? That happens to me all the time. I tried putting a notebook or a tape recorder on my night stand but that didn’t help. I was too tired or delirious in the middle of the night to track my dreams.

I needed to figure out what worked for me. I resorted back to the skills I had already learned.

I remembered all those years of being stuck in the mud and living as a victim and one thing I did well was bitch and complain about everything that sucked in my life. I had repeated those things over and over so many times that I had them memorized to a tee so I figured that was a great place to start.

I made a list of everything I didn’t want in my life.

Things like:

Winers and complainers
Liars, thieves, and cheats
The job I had
Living in sub-zero temperatures
Being tied down to one location
Fighting with my wife
Huge debt
That’s just a few but I hope you get my point. When I started thinking about it from this perspective answers just rushed out of me like when I hit the urinal after a 4 hour drive.

What I did next was simply define what the exact opposite of these things would look like. For example:

People who accepted responsibility and took action to change their situations
Honest people
People who complimented and supported me and others.
A career that supported my passions of singing, writing, coaching, and being my wild, crazy self all the time.
Living In Florida in the winter
Living in an RV
Discovering the common things my wife and I were passionate about and incorporating them into our daily life. Learning her needs and teaching her mine.
Eliminating all my debt and living within my means. Investing wisely.
Once I had everything written down, I could then develop my personal honey-do list and start banging these things out one by one.

The prior examples are only a portion of the life I designed for myself and when I first looked at the list it seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. By taking the screw it just do it approach I soon found out THE MOJO. It wasn’t reaching the stars that energized me but the ride in the rocketship. Once I understood that my life instantly changed.

Awesomeness is not having everything in life you ever dreamed of. It’s about taking the ACTION TODAY that moves you toward those things. You don’t have to put in years, you can have it right now.

What are you waiting for?