10 Questions I Ask Myself for My Most Meaningful Life

I have to admit, I hijacked these questions from a lady named Rhonda Hess. She’s a success strategist I found on line and she shares a lot of valuable nuggets on how I can make each day my most awesome.

Every Sunday evening when I have to time to reflect, I do an inventory on myself for the previous week to make sure I stay on track with my goals. Most weeks I fall short of getting everything done that I set out to do, but I think that’s more about me over committing than being lazy. I live by the philosophy that I shoot for the moon and when I come up short I’ve still grabbed a star. This only works if I don’t attach myself to any specific outcome. I remain open to any outcome without attachment. Otherwise this process can have a reverse effect of disappointment.

Anyway, after doing my inventory, I quickly move back into the present because, remember, the past is only my tool for building. I, then ask myself the following 10 questions and give at least a couple minutes of deep thought to each one. The whole process takes about an hour but it’s well worth it because it saves me 10 times that during the week if I’m not spinning my wheels doing meaningless crap.

  1. Who does God (you can substitute your higher self or the universe, whatever you want) want me to be right now?
  2. How does this support or change the vision I have for my life?
  3. How would this help me make a new contribution to the world?
  4. What would it cost me if I resist this transformation?
  5. Where can I see the seed of this within me already?
  6. How must my mindset change to encourage this transformation?
  7. What habits do I need to change to encourage this transformation?
  8. What ACTIONS do I need to take to fully embody this part of me?
  9. What part of myself do I need to let go of to make room for the evolved me?
  10. What support systems/mentors/education will serve me now?

Regardless of how focused I am at the beginning of the week, life is full of distractions and I’ll always drift off course. Answering these questions will help me correct my course and, sometimes even change it completely. By not attaching myself to an outcome I give myself permission to redefine awesome at any stage of my growth.

Love and Gratitude,