Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year, again. Every spring my wife goes on this rampage like she’s possessed by some demon. She goes through our home like a white tornado and when she’s done there isn’t a square inch that hasn’t been sanitized, deodorized, or euthanized. Generally, I’m OK with that even though I’ve always preferred clutter. Clutter has always held special meaning for me in the past. I grew up in a cluttered home and my mom used to always refer to it as “cozy” or “lived in” so it gave me a feeling of comfort. Today, when I hear myself using that word, comfort, I see red flags.

If I’m comfortable for too long then I’m stuck.

I remember when Kristin finished with all the other rooms in our home then it was time for our bedroom. This was the part that I dreaded because I had to participate. We had separate closets so cleaning mine was my responsibility. I’d go in there with my head down like a child being punished because I knew that it was time to let go of a bunch of stuff that had special meaning to me. I’d have my pile of things that I was going to throw out and a much bigger pile of things I was going to keep.

Then came the really sad part…

Once I had my 2 piles, I had to go back to the “keeper” pile, re-assess it and justify why I chose to keep everything. Other than the few sets of clothes I wore every day, everything had some rationalization. Some things held a special memory in them so every time I saw them I could go back in time and remember a happy moment. Other things were saved because I believed there was at least a remote chance I would need them again…maybe my cuffed bell bottoms from 1975 would come back in style. If I didn’t have a good rationalization I’d use the old reliable one…sentimental reasons.  I looked up sentimental in the dictionary and it was defined as follows.

A tendency to be influenced by emotion rather than reason or fact.

I’m not saying this is always a bad thing. I consider myself a very emotional dude and I believe that’s a redeeming quality of mine. However, if I let those emotions prevent me from letting go of crap that is no longer relevant in my life then I’m abusing them. It’s time to take a closer look at where those emotions are coming from.

All emotions are based on our thoughts and our beliefs.

Usually, when I go back and rediscover where those thoughts and beliefs came from I realize that, although they were very useful to me at one time, they no longer fit into the life I choose for myself today.

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of all the crap left over from all those things that helped you through that cold, dark season of your life.

WHAT’S IN YOUR CLOSET? Comment below.