4 Stories That Kept Me Stuck In Addiction Recovery

The truth…the whole truth…nothing but the truth…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey it’s that there are very few absolute truths. It seems that every month I’m reading about a scientific fact that has been disproved with a newer scientific fact. Then there are those that are simply created to satisfy someone’s personal agenda of fame or fortune.

For example, the DSM-5, believed by many to be the holy grail of mental disorders, has done a great job of providing the greedy with the necessary ammo to turn our country into a fear laden, pill popping culture. Unless you’re a shareholder of Big Pharma you’ve probably been negatively impacted by it in your family.

I’m super careful about what I allow into my brain today because the process of recognizing that it’s shit and then unlearning it,  is a waste of my precious time and energy; time that can be spent on fulfilling the purpose I was sent here for.

I spent a lot of years reading books and listening to so called experts who had their own agendas before I discovered an important fact about myself.

My bullshit meter resides in my gut and not in my head.

The one commonality we all share is that we’re each unique. By tapping into our own infinite intelligence below our necks, we can discover our own truths that serve us on our individual paths to destiny.

Here are 4 popular opinions/myths/stories that kept me circling the drain and stuck for years.

1. I have an incurable disease. I’m not here to go toe to toe with the scientists or the folks who have spent the majority of their lives in  church basements, about this issue. If that’s you and it works in your life, that’s cool. I’m just saying it doesn’t work for me. I do know that if addiction is a disease then everyone on the planet is sick or broken though I find it hard to believe that my Creator chose Earth to be His land of the broken toys.

Our perceptions and beliefs are based on our own individual life experiences and no two are the same. Despite having  freed myself from many harmful obsessions in my life, I still face new ones every day. That’s the journey of every man and woman as far as I can tell.

I think when the Buddha spoke of life being about overcoming suffering he could have substituted the word addiction in there. Unless you’ve attained absolute enlightenment in your life, chances are you have an addiction to something; I don’t care whether you’re Eckhart Tolle or Ozzy Osborne.

This begs the question: If I’m here for a limited time to enjoy human form, does it really serve me to label myself as a sick bastard? I think not. 

2. I’ve wasted a lot of years and now I have to spend the rest of my life playing catch-up. This was a big one for me. I’d clean myself up and look at where all my peers were in terms of material gains and get overwhelmed by thinking I had to be just like them. Then I’d just say fuck it and go back out. I didn’t have the fancy house, the nice car or the high salary job so I thought I was a failure. Then I realized that some of the greatest people that walked the face of the earth didn’t have any of those things either. Maybe my purpose was meant to be similar to one of those guys. As long as I’m still breathing maybe I have the same potential to impact the world as some of them. Why not? Is that any less true than the dis-empowering bullshit I’d been telling myself up until now? Even if material wealth is your bag, maybe you were meant to receive it at a different point in your life than the people you’re comparing yourself to…like starting right now.

3. These “character defects” that I’ve developed while living in active addiction are insurmountable. I go apeshit when I hear the term, “character defect.” It’s as if God is like some car manufacturer who created a defective product that he has to do a recall on.

Your character is not the problem, it’s your story about your character.

A story created by someone else which you chose to adopt as your own. Wrapping your identity around what others think of you is setting yourself up for an impossible mountain to climb. Other people’s perceptions of you is based on their own life story created by their unique experiences so this means you will never get consensus from everyone.

By letting go of judgement you can look beyond the liar, thief, and/or cheat bullshit and see a person who was disciplined, creative, and resourceful; all attributes shared by the most successful people in history. You were willing to do whatever it took to get what you thought you needed to be happy. Now that you know different you can apply those same honorable traits to your new path.

4. I’ll never have a good career because no one will hire me with my past. This is the story I heard so many times along my journey. I first heard it when I dropped out of high school after getting expelled from two of them. I heard it again when I got kicked out of the military with a punitive discharge attached to my name; and again when I went to prison and took on another label from society called “convicted felon.” Those are just 3 of the many things that other people’s stories said were death sentences for me in terms of ever having success.

And yet I built a 7 figure business, married my dream girl and live a life filled with happiness and purpose while many of my other friends who played by the rules still struggle with corporate jobs they hate and failed marriages.

Success is not based on what you did in your past but how you choose to use those experiences today.

Once you discover your destiny you’ll find that everything you’ve done to this point has been training and preparing you for this moment and you get to choose how you use it.

There has never been a greater time in history for you to thrive. The gatekeepers are being exiled to virtual Siberia and their former followers are waiting for you to step up and lead your tribe. People are in desperate need of your gifts you’ve acquired through your experiences.

So, the way I see it you have two choices on how you’ll use your past experiences; Will you continue to use your gifts from a place of fear by being a taker and relying on the approval of others or will you use them from a place of love and be a giver by sharing them with the world?

Rock On!



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