A Christmas Wish From A Parent Of An Addict

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Lean Your Ear This Way

And Bring Our Addict Children Pain

That Drugs Can’t Take Away

I Never Thought I’d Ask For This

Or See It As A Gift

But Pain Seems To Be The Only Thing

That Causes Us To Shift

They’re Not Naughty They’re Not Nice

Despite What Others Say

They’re Just Lost And Need Our Help

In An Unconventional Way

So Take Them To Their Lowest Low

Then Hit Them With Some More

Show Them A Rock Bottom

Then Open A Trap Door

Give Me Strength To Stand And Watch

As They Unwrap Gifts Of Harm

So I Can Be There On The Other Side

With Loving Open Arms

Christmas Eve Is Coming Soon

Please You Dear Old Man

I Don’t Want My Child To Die

Help Me If You Can.