How Can You Get What You Want In Life If You Don’t Know What That Is?

Congratulations! You just won the biggest jackpot in history and have more money than you can ever spend. You took care of everyone you love, bought every toy you’ll ever want, and traveled to every destination you ever dreamed of AND, BEST OF ALL, YOU’RE CLEAN AND SOBER…Now what?

When I was asked this question several years ago by my coach I was silent. I hadn’t really thought about it. Getting clean had been my number one focus and it required everything I had and then some. Any visions beyond that would have to wait until I dealt with that monster eating away at my soul.

But now, here I was with a couple years clean and feeling a big hole in me. My sanity was back, my relationships were healing nicely, and my business was thriving. To the outside world, it appeared my life was a success. Inside, though, it felt like anything but.

Once I was able to look beyond the label of “recovering addict” I saw a man (or at least an adult male) who was really confused about some very basic things. Certain questions began eating away at me and I couldn’t ignore them any longer.

Questions like Who am I?. Why am I here?, and What do I want? constantly buzzed around my head like an annoying mosquito that I couldn’t swat.

I learned a lot about myself while working the 12 steps in recovery. My sanity had been returned to me and, with it, came a burning desire to discover my life’s purpose. Up until then, I had tried to live a life according to other people’s expectations and failed miserably. It was time to find what was true to me.

After a lot of praying and meditating on those questions, I became obsessed with finding the answers. I read books, attended seminars, and hired coaches to help me. After a lot of trial and error I found certain things that worked for me and I was able to get a clear vision of where I wanted to go in my life.

Man! What a game changer.

Today, I’m the coach and I ask my clients that same question that my coach asked me several years ago. When I first ask it I usually get the same blank stare I gave my coach. That’s when I know we’re ready to dive into the good stuff.

I created a little ebook that describes many of the steps we go through together. It’s free and you can download it by clicking here.

If you’re where I was just know that you’re waking up and that’s a great thing.

Everyone has a purpose that is unique to them and it goes way beyond just being clean and sober.

Rock On.

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