Looking At Your Shit.

Emotions are just mind turds -Guru Doodoo

Is it just me, or do other people give their shit a once-over just before it descends down the toilet drain?

This morning I was struck with a brief moment of panic while inspecting the by-products of what I allowed into my body the day before. The self-talk started running rampant with thoughts of my impending doom before I allowed myself a moment to take a breath and assess the situation a little more closely. It was then that I remembered I overindulged on some beets the night before and I was probably going to live to see another sunrise.

Recently, I read a couple of articles by scholars who described our emotions like this:

A by-product of the neural regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Now those are some big words. 

I have to admit as a simple man, I am often amused by the language of the scholar. They seem to have a language of their own which, in my opinion requires a lot more effort than it would to just say it in laymen’s terms. When I looked up those million dollar words I discovered that the neural regulation of the autonomic nervous system is just a fancy way of describing a function of my brain. Since I already knew that by-products are just a politically correct way of describing shit and that my digestive system is one of those autonomic thing-a-ma-jiggies they talk about, I could only conclude one thing:

Emotions and shit are basically the same thing.

If that’s true, then wouldn’t it make sense to have a look at ALL the shit that comes out of me before I just flush it and move on with my day?

Me thinks so!

So, here’s my challenge…The next time you catch yourself sneaking a peak into the thunder mug, let it prompt you to take a look at all your shit before walking out the door.

It could make a big difference in your peace of mind for the day when you realize that maybe you’re not dying inside, you just swallowed too much crap yesterday.

Rock On!




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