Why Faking It Til You Make It Works


I’ve heard a lot of different viewpoints around the saying, fake it til you make it, during my years in the recovery rooms. Some believe that it goes against the principle of honesty that their program is founded on while others swear by it. Then there are those who simply don’t believe in it for whatever reason so they never try it.

When I was first introduced to the concept, faking things came pretty easy for me. As a man who just came off of a long stint of addiction, I had no idea who I was or what was next so I figured if I was going to get clean, faking it was my best option. I watched and listened to the people who had the kind of peace of mind I wanted and just began imitating them.

Funny thing about pain, when it gets bad enough your skepticism and moral conflicts seem to vanish.

It took me quite a while before I realized one day that I was no longer faking it. I was living the life I had admired in those other people and it was my own unique version. Looking back, I see there was a giant step that I had to take between faking it and making it.

First, I had to fake it until I believed it .

Our beliefs are the driving forces in everything we do. Once you believe something completely these things called emotions kick in and become like some high octane rocket fuel that makes you unstoppable.

Today, I prefer the term, ACT AS IF because it more accurately describes the process for me. I can see very clearly that in the beginning it was necessary to actually trick my brain into thinking healthy thoughts so faking it was necessary. Today, I understand a little better why acting as if is simply the action required to create the future I want for myself.

Ernest Holmes, a great thought leader and the founder of Religious Science, once said,

You can only attract that which you first mentally become and feel yourself to be in reality.

A mentor of mine used to say, “If you want something really bad, then you’re not ready for it” and that sounded a little crazy at first. This was much different from the wisdom I’d been taught as a young man that said, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it.” But then again, anyone who has been in recovery for a minute knows that a lot of so-called truths we knew end up getting flipped on their heads.

I believe what he meant was similar to what Einstein was saying when he declared, “Nothing changes until it moves.” You can want something until the cows come home but, until you take some kind of action (even if you fake it in the beginning) nothing happens.

It’s easy to get stuck in our heads and feel helpless to create the change in our lives we’re desiring. Acting as if is the way your body trains your mind to believe what’s possible for you. Once you have that belief…well…you know…unstoppable.

That’s because something crazy starts happening. Once you start acting like a happy, healthy, successful person, the universe starts delivering all this evidence to support your beliefs. It starts off subtle so you have to pay attention to small changes but, just the process of doing it creates immediate changes in your mental state.

At the end of the day, isn’t that really what we’re after when we ask for more money, a better body, or better family relationships.

I challenge you to give it a whirl. Think of some major change you want to manifest in your life. If you’re not sure what that is, download the free guide I created for you at the bottom of the page.

Once you have a clear vision of what that looks like, go out into the world and act like you would if it had already happened.

  • Who would your friends be?
  • How would you dress?
  • What would your mood be?
  • Who would no longer be in your life taking up valuable head-space?
  • What social groups would you be part of?
  • What would you be doing today…right now?

What if the universe was just waiting for you to show up as that person so it could give you everything it’s been holding for you all along?

Hit reply and let me know what your experience has been with Fake it til you make it.

Rock On!

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