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What is Life Beyond Clean?

One Man’s Purpose
Each one of us came here with a very important purpose to fulfill. There are no accidents, mistakes, or failures but only lessons we need to learn for our life’s purpose.

My lessons which include childhood rape, over 30 years of addiction, and a midlife crisis which brought me to the brink of suicide have been my greatest gifts.
They taught me that I was sent here to know suffering so that one day I would be able to alleviate suffering in the world.

It’s been a long journey that spanned over 50 years and now I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my lessons with you.

Today I have a vision and an intention of restoring the man’s role in our culture by healing wounds passed down to us from generations of fathers and guiding men to stepping into their true power.

As men, our recovery extends well beyond our addictions to much deeper wounds that were created a long time ago by a culture that caused us to lose sight of our roles by placing profits and progress ahead of passion and purpose.

Our women need us, our children need us, and our planet needs us to be the strong, healthy, prosperous men we were all meant to be.

My mission is to help you discover your purpose as a man by helping you discover that your greatest struggles in life are the very things you were born to teach.

I’m honored to serve you on your journey.

With Love and Gratitude


As a man among men I am here to show other men how to live happy, fulfilling lives beyond addiction and recovery by discovering their own life’s purpose.


Greg Boudle
founder of Life Beyond Clean



Those are a few of the many masks I’ve worn. The quote on the left was documented by a nurse as the number one regret of people on their death beds.
When I read that, I was on the verge of suicide and it saved my life because I decided I wasn’t going out that way.
I realized that up until that point, the life story I was living wasn’t my own but a bunch of bullshit taught to me by a society that had long forgotten how to guide a young boy into manhood.
The pain and confusion of trying to live an inauthentic life was so intolerable that I felt the need to self medicate. This took me down the destructive path of addiction for more than 3 decades.
Today, as I watch young men falling into this same trap at epidemic proportions, I realize that there is something very broken in our culture that needs repairing NOW.
My mission is to create a culture of empowered men who aren’t afraid to walk through fire because they already have. Together we can redefine what it means to be a good man in a society that so desperately needs us.
Each of us is living a life based on a story we created from what we’ve been taught since we were young boys. I’d like to challenge you to look at yours and ask yourself if it jives with the man you truly believe yourself to be.
If not, I invite you to join me on this mission.
Rock On!


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