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90 days to unf**king yourself

Designed for the man coming out of rehab.

Rehab is a bitch!

Not only is it expensive but it’s also the most difficult decision for any addict to make.
The only thing worse is having to make it again…and again…and again.

I designed this program to see that doesn’t happen to you.
Through daily action steps and regular accountability meetings we’ll take the journey of getting back on your feet…together.
Designed to help keep you moving forward in your journey of recovery by avoiding the pitfalls of relapse, rehab, rinse and repeat.

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  • Connector.

    Strategies that Transform Your Tomorrow

    When I coach you, we immediately dive into the DOING. Let’s get you on a path that works for you, utilizes your strengths, and fulfills you with actual tools that work!

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    Clarity On Your Path

    I’m committed to helping people discover their most amazing lives – and inside coaching – we identify this piece for you. This way, 1 week, 2 months, and even 10 years in the future you know where you’re going and what you’re creating.

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    Laser Focus on You

    I’m a living example that if you LEARN to believe in yourself and UNLEARN some of the crap you’ve been taught that you can design your life ANY WAY YOU WANT IT! Let’s invest time and energy into bolstering your confidence, happiness, and massive prosperity!

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    Your Biggest Cheerleader

    Though change requires effort- make no mistake – this is going to be a blast! As you layout your blueprint for success – I’ll be your biggest cheerleader as you take steps toward success!

Hero’s Journey

Rewrite Your life Story

What is your legacy?

Are you living the life story you would have written for yourself? Every man is the creator of his own destiny. If your past is holding you back from the life you want it’s not because of facts or circumstances.

It’s because of the story YOU created around those facts.

In my Hero’s Journey Coaching Program I help you uncover the old stories that no longer work in your life and replace them with new, empowering stories that support the man you are today.

It’s time to discover how everything you’ve been through in your life has prepared you for a very specific purpose and all you have to do is take the reins.

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are you ready to take action!?

If you're ready to take that next step into that meaningful life you were born to live, then LET'S CONNECT. My products and services fit all budgets so no one is turned away for lack of money. Don't wait any longer.

From your stage

Planning an event?
If you’re an organization seeking to inspire and educate men around the challenges the modern man faces today perhaps my message is for you.
As an entrepreneur, life coach, published author, and New Warrior of the Mankind Project my mission and message is designed to reconnect good men to their purpose and power.

Forget the powerpoint and worksheets!

Good men are being overshadowed by the shameful acts of a few who get all the media attention. Its time to let go of the old stories and rewrite the script of what it means to be a man.